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30,000 people in 158 countries use our web software, facilitating over $11 million dollars worth of e-commerce transactions, and making business time and clinic management easy.

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About Thomas Multimedia

Thomas Multimedia is a web software firm based on the Gold Coast, Australia, and was founded by owner Steve Thomas in 2005.

We specialise in developing high quality business web software to make managing your online business presence easier.

Read about our history and what we stand for.

Why use web-based software?

There are many advantages to taking your business online.

  • Access your data anywhere, anytime, from any web-enabled device
  • Secure, backed-up data storage
  • High end hardware for low monthly costs
  • No IT department required

From the News Desk

Online Retail in Australia Set to Bloom 15 Jun 2011

Some interesting figures:

  1. By 2013, Australia’s online retail sector is expected to grow th $36.8 billion per annum ¹
  2. 59% of Australian small businesses do not have a website ¹

It’s not rocket science – Australian consumers look for websites to help them make a decision. The website doesn’t need to have bells and whistles, it just needs to provide more info than a flyer or recommendation or advert can convey.

As Australians are catching up with other first world countries in terms of internet access speeds (thanks in large part to the coming NBN), the sky is limit in terms of the amount of efficiencies that can be had by embracing web based software and the growing array of devices that allow you to get online.

¹ PayPal’s research report ‘eCommerce: Secure Insight’ developed in conjunction with Forrester Research
and The Leading Edge.

Constraints Are Good 26 Apr 2011

This post is part of our business processes series, looking at the strategies and ideas implemented at Thomas Multimedia.

Having constraints and limitations are a good thing – they encourage creativity.

Constraints force us to focus on the core problem, rather than waste time on peripheral issues.

Who can honestly say that their greatest achievements were not the result of overcoming a challenge?

Good Ideas are Worthless 23 Mar 2011

Good Ideas…

Are great for inspiration, but absolutely worthless for getting to the end goal. Good ideas translate into success through good execution.

Good Execution…

The result of good planning and completing a succession of bite sized, tangible goals.

Perhaps this post sums it up best.